My Portfolio

Select examples of my recent and ongoing work

Research on Social Connectedness

Steven’s Masters thesis research focused on social connectedness, loneliness, and social burdens as part of the Stanford Well for Life project. Read his thesis here or learn more about the broader Stanford WELL for Life project here.

Boundaries of Humanity Project

This ongoing Stanford-based interdisciplinary research project focuses on the Boundaries of Humanity: Humans, Animals, and Machines in the Age of Biotechnology. To learn more, see the official website.

Technology & Human Flourishing

Read a series Steven wrote on technology and human flourishing for ORBITER magazine:

  1. Social Robots
  2. Virtual Flourishing
  3. Consciousness in the Cloud

Online Tool to Reduce Screentime

The Screentime Genie is an online tool with customized solutions to reduce unwanted screentime and improve our relationship with screens.

  1. Try the tool here.
  2. See my 10-minute presentation on it here.
  3. See more from the Behavior Design Lab at Stanford with Dr. BJ Fogg.
Behavior Design Articles

Level up your efficiency and well-being with these tips informed by the best behavior science:

  1. Four Simple Behaviors to Protect Your Focus and Free Your Time
  2. 615 Tiny Habits® Recipes for Flow in your Work Life

Steven loves working on the science and practice of connection!

  1. Sunny is a beautiful app and website to help you bring more positivity and connection into your daily life
  1. Social Weather is a major initiative to promote a data-driven approach to community well-being
  1. How to be Happier at Stanford by Building Professional Relationships is a new course taught by Steven and Professor BJ Fogg.

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